A Wordle-like game where you have to guess the unsigned 8-bit binary number!

Built by James Livesey in about 2 hours and 15 minutes

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What's the objective of the game?

The objective is to guess today's Bytle number (which can be in the range of 0-255 inclusive). You have 6 turns to do so, and a hint is given after each turn as to what today's Bytle number is.

To play the game, you need to enter your guess as a base-10 (denary) number. Once you've entered it, the appropriate row (corresponding to the current turn) will show your number in binary. For each bit that's correct, the bit's cell will be 🟩. If a bit is in the wrong place, then the cell will be 🟨, and if it's totally wrong, it'll be ⬜.

Once I've played today's Bytle, can I play another one?

Yes, but you'll need to wait until tomorrow to play the next Bytle. It's part of the novelty of Wordle-like games — you only get one shot at the game every day.

Why did you create this?

My friend Ben and I were coming up with stupid versions of Wordle after looking at Primel, which is yet another clone of Wordle, but to do with numbers. We thought how could we make the most cursed version of the game — and that's how Bytle came into existence!

Some mechanics (as to how to colour in the cells) differ between Wordle and Bytle, but we think that player should get the gist of what the colours mean pretty quickly when playing the game.

This is stupid — you can literally get it in two turns!

We know! Not as fun when you do it strategically, though. In both Wordle and Bytle, you can even get it in one turn if you're lucky enough. Regardless of strategy, you'll still be learning how to mentally convert denary numbers into binary!

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