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Here's a list of my projects, although not all of them. Most of them have source code on GitHub. Also most of my projects I work on include Seb Doe in them (quick shoutout). The projects at the top of the list are the most recent.

LiveG Technologies

A group that specialises in designing software and hardware for daily use. It includes making apps and designing devices for everyone!

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Emux Technologies

A British company that launched a coronavirus tracking app four months before the UK Government released theirs, among other services.

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A Subnodal project: we've been creating a gaming website called GameProxy. GameProxy is a place where users can play, share, talk about and upload games. To quote our slogan: 'The social media network for games'. Why don't you take a look?!

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A social network that is designed to connect communities through the internet through its 'group'-based design.

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A news and entertainment hub, which steams live news and programmes.

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A security group dedicated to making data secure for everyone.

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A group that specialises in Bitcoin mining and creating online products that are free to use. That includes many services such as the Auracoin cryptocurrency, PIX and Aurora Webcount!

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